Platypi are soooo cool. They have bills and a tail!!!!!!!
by rasta_lover September 08, 2009
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This word is not a real word. If you so happen to use this term as a plural form of the noun platypus, please get out. The correct term is platypuses.
Person 1: “Look at all of those platypi!”
Person 2: *SLAPS Person 1* “Don't ever speak like that again. Go away.”
by Emeraldcat3770 October 03, 2018
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Like snakes on a plane, only slightly less severe, however, undoubtedly more messy...
'boyfriend almost found out I was cheating on him, it was almost a snakes on a plane situation until I pursuaded my bit on the side to befriend the situations at platypi on a zepplin level- still not so good, but maybe rectifiable'
by Bad Becky April 08, 2006
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