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One who seeks sexual pleasure by sniffing a lady's undergarments.
"Oh, did you not know that Mr Robinson the maths teacher was a plamph?"
"He was alleged to have spent hours plamphing before going out on the rape"
by juux May 18, 2003
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One who sniffs the gussets of used underwear. The sniffing action may take the form of someone putting their nose into what they,'mistakenly', thought was a hankerchief. Or for the hardcore plamph the underwear may be worn on the head. This type of person will breathe in so hard that the underwear will be sucked ito the mouth,therefore maximising the fishy stink, plop smell or wee wee odour.
Sniff Sniff - breathe in - smell maximisation - spurt
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A large segmented snake made out of rock.

Plamphs usually live underground.

Plamphs eat a variety of things, including metal, rust, charcoal, wood, humans, preferably clowns; glue, soap, squirrels, chipmunks, rubber, ducks, batteries, preferably D-Cell; horses, cows, gazelles, zebras, rabbits, and car motors.

Plamphs are most commonly found in New England, with very cold winters and very hot summers.

Plamphs usually live in mountainous areas, since there's room under the mountain to start a nest.

Male plamphs stun their prey by screeching at an unbearable pitch and volume.

Female plamphs don't hunt, rather stay underground to protect the herd.

There are only 9 known species of plamphs (genus Planfa): Granite (Communia), Lapis Lazuli (Lazuli), Sandstone (Tophus), Diamond (Adamas), Mountain (Collis), Quartz (Vicustractus), Topaz (Chrysolithus), Emerald (Smaragdus), and Urban (Urbanae).

Plamphs of different species usually don't get along.

Plamphs usually travel in herds of the same species. There are usually 7-15 plamphs in a herd, and 3-5 herds in a pack. A plomph is made up of 3-5 packs, meaning up to 375 plamphs in a plomph.

Plamphs mate twice a year, in the spring and the fall, and lay eggs 4-7 feet under ground. 7-10 plamph eggs are produced each season, but only about 3 survive.

Baby male plamphs are taught by their fathers to screech and hunt, and baby female plamphs are taught by their mothers to care for the family.
I saw a plamph in my backyard. It tok a bite out of my porch and burrowed back underground to join its herd.
by MpegEVIL July 16, 2011
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