I was pixing my new tune with some online images.
by Mapmark December 7, 2015
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Back and forth picture messaging. Usually flirtatious or Sexual.
Me: Yo Ezra, I heard you were pixing with Tess. She Send you anything good?
Ezra: Ayyy, She sent me a pic of her Chinese legs and a face pic with a shoe on her head.
by Animaids February 16, 2017
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A word used by pre pubescent girls to describe pictures. Extremely annoying word that some adults use because their brain has not fully developed.

Improper usage may include making it a double plural. IE: Pixs. Pictures's pictures?
Gregory(sms): Dude I was so f'd up last night, you should have seen the pix.
Ana(sms): I should have seen the what?

Gregory(sms): The pix dumbass.
Ana(sms): Only high school girls use that word slut.

Girl 1: OmFg!1! L00k @ thos PiXs I jus' Twited.
Girl 2: AwEsOmE!11!!!!1
by TheGoodDoktor April 16, 2010
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Pix is one of the most uncommon names in a good way of course. pix tries her hardest to make someone feel happy and will never give up on true friendship. No one can be as nice,funny,cute,caring,loving, and understandable person you will ever meet.
You are the nearest and dearest friend pix
by Kawaiipatato300 December 25, 2018
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A great person. Fun to talk to. Hates #depression people. You know who you are.
by FastCar March 26, 2005
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To be cursed by a pixie or other impish Fae creature.
"Watch this," Jenks whispered. My eyebrows rose as the pixy flitted from my earring. The autumn sun coming in was suddenly full of sparkles as he surreptitiously sifted a glowing dust over the detective. I'd bet my best pair of lace panties it wasn't the usual pixy dust. Glenn had been pixed.
I hid a smile. In about twenty minutes Glenn would be itching so bad he wouldn't be able to sit still.
by KyanosCoyote April 9, 2018
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lol, those are awesome pix
by tarnee September 18, 2005
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