To strike a person with the handle of a handgun, generally in the head.
I didn't want to shoot him, so I pistol whipped him instead.
by icy February 12, 2003
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According to Homer Simpson, it is a food similar whipped-cream that is eaten with a pistol.
Mmmm....pistol whip.
by mikm June 7, 2005
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Hitting someone in the face with a gun. Tijuana Cops use a special method when they hit with the whole side of the gun to leave as little visual damage as possible. When they whip you they usually screams "TOMAWAE".
Cop: I pistol whipped him so hard that i cracked his skull.
Tijuana Cop: You should do like this. TOMAWAE!
by Mr Green November 16, 2006
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To strike, in a downwards direction, with the grip of a handgun
to pistol whip is a good way to conserve ammunition
by gazereth July 19, 2005
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To hit someone (preferebly on the head) with a the bottom side of a gun.
Yo that sleezy neighbor guy got got pistol whipped by Ray Liotta in Good Fellas.
by Moth Sal June 24, 2008
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to hit instead of shoot some one wit a gun
i wanted to shoot tha muttafucka but i pistol whipped him instead
by BIG TRIG January 31, 2004
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to strike someone with the barrel and/or body of a handgun, in a slapping motion. See also "bitch slap"
i pistol whipped the store clerk until he gave me the combination to the safe
by Bill Carson October 23, 2003
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