an american treat/tradition that we have in movie theaters. you make pissy shitties by pouring pepsi into a bucket of popcorn. it makes the popcorn mushy and you eat it while you watch the movie
foreigner: when you make pissy shitties, doesn't the pepsi leak through the bucket and get your pants wet?
american: yes, its part of the experience
by fuchse May 11, 2016
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The act of pouring your extra large beverage of choice at the movie theater into a bucket of popcorn, this resulting in a mushy concoction.
Sarah and I shared pissy shitties with eachother last night.
by GloriousChicken January 22, 2016
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The Pissy Shitty, invented and patented in 1893 by M.M. O’Shaughnessy, is a bowl of popcorn that you pour Coca-Cola into. It is typically served in movie theaters across The United States in containers called “Piss Buckets”. Different states have different variations, with Texas using Dr. Pepper instead of the traditional Coca-Cola.

It is also served in some bars as an alcoholic variation (usually with dark liquor and Coca-Cola) called a “Friday Night Free And Easy”.
Hey dad, can we get Pissy Shitties when we see Fast and Furious 69?”

“Yes, son.”
by Poopy Butty July 4, 2020
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A disgusting fictional concoction of soda and movie theater popcorn that no sane human would ever ingest and was made up purely for shock value. Its name doesn't make any sense and people are tired of it being constantly mentioned in food based facebook groups.
"Hey have you heard of pissy shitties? They're--"
'No, fuck you, shut up, stop talking, go away.'
by Tired of old shitposts July 5, 2020
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When you add coke at the movie theatre to your popcorn. It s called a pissy shitty, due to the consistency.
I make pissy shitties at the movie theatre for maximum flavor.
by Physicsclubbbb August 31, 2022
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