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Being sexually attracted to pissing in someone else’s mouth, or taking it in theirs.
Marco has a piss kink
by hotpersonwritesmartstuff July 14, 2021
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a joke....... wait is this not a joke?
if it isnt a joke then...
well, we cant expect god to do all the work
"i have a piss kink"

"*shotgun noises*"
by Axolotlwithagun May 17, 2021
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A piss kink is when you are sexually attracted to piss.
"He has a piss kink, so he likes to lurk near urinals"
by Pisskink32 July 25, 2021
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piss kink haver. piss kink havers have major piss kinks. aka they love piss xoxo
"oh my god look at that piss kink haver" "isn't his name kaito? I've heard he had a major piss kink."
by August 14, 2021
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when someone doesn’t have a piss kink but has a fetish for people with piss kinks.
my buddy eric has a piss kink fetish. yeah he loves folks with piss kinks.
by balls of piss October 17, 2021
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you just piss on each other and see who orgasms first
The Piss Kink Game
Albedo: *pisses on Keaya and orgasms first*
Keaya: Aw man I lose *Crying intensifies*
by lesbianforlenkagamine October 2, 2021
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