Noun. A female who travels with a large group of men, servicing each one of them in turn to placate the crowd. This term was created in honor of the brave women who traveled with pirate ships on long journeys, keeping them sane and satiated.
You: I'm going to hang out with the ENTIRE football team tonight!
Me: Pirate Hooker.
You: I take offense to that.
Me: Shut up hooker. Be proud of your heritage.
by Samson III November 10, 2005
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(pir·ate-hook·er) noun

A female who frequently whores the male sex. This species of women are usually found wearing way too much make-up while flirting with men old enough to be their father. Pirate Hookers are also known to be extremely ignorant. For example, many Pirate Hookers will turn down the first half decent guy to ask them on a date and then later that night screw a dirty guidoed-out meathead. You can usually spot a Pirate Hooker smoking at your local McDondalds or being fondled by a circle jerk of scum bags.
Dude #1: Hey man, did that chick ever call you back?
Dude #2: Nah bro, that chicks a pirate hooker
by Arlingtoniscool May 30, 2007
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a pirate hooker is a girl that moves from ass to ass, therefore making her a hooker. shes just looking for fresh booty
by Andrew March 20, 2005
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A women who is usually racist, violent, a little bi curious and resides in a little shack on whore island.
A: she hates black people, is bicurious and has guns
B: tell that pirate hooker to go back to her home on whore island
by vacos February 13, 2012
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A cheap one legged, one eyed prostitute who services men for extremely cheap. Hopefully she carries around a parrot on her shoulder.
Dayum i skull fucked that pirate hooker sarah riley helluh hard last night.
by siesta October 24, 2006
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-when someone does something that is totally skanky, they are called a pirate hooker
Cathy - "hey i just hooked up with this guy from the mall."
Sue - "what was his name?"
Cathy - "dunno."
Sue - "You're such a pirate hooker!!"
by reve January 8, 2006
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An ironically affectionate term for a woman. Often the superficial definition of whore or slut is used and implied, but most usages don't actually imply the woman is a "whore" or "hooker" but in fact its a joking compliment to a woman's personality when she is singles and looking for a partner.

Synonym:pirate wench
Oh my god Susan, I can't believe you're into him! You're such a pirate hooker!
by Turtledee October 5, 2015
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