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Originally a naval expression. It means stop talking and be quiet. The Pipe Down was the last signal from the Bosun's pipe each day which meant "lights out" and "silence".
You better pipe down when she's talking to you!
by martini February 03, 2005
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a word created by my awesome twin which describes certain really awesome people (including myself). the exact meaning of this word remains undisclosed to all except for a certain few individuals who are not fortunate enough to be pindibbles and who have sworn secrecy about its definition.
martini proudly sported her "pindibble pride" tee-shirt to school today.
by martini April 20, 2005
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Spoop is a when a teacher says a dumb thing
My teacher made a spoop when he got ho and hoe mixed up.
by Martini November 03, 2003
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Some suck but most are hot guys and sexy galz.
Look at her beauty, must be Russian or somethin`.
by Martini September 16, 2003
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