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lightly pinching your scrotum and then pulling it away from your body, which gives temporary relief to a sweaty and sticky scrotum.
by Anonymous May 10, 2003
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This is necessary to be done when dingleberries from the previous visit to the lou are found while wiping. After the primary wipe, a secondary wipe must be done in which you pinch the dingleberries and pull quickly to remove them.
Just removed some dingleberries with a serious pinch and pull!
by mwahahahaha123456789 March 04, 2010
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When a female wakes up after a very hard night partying (usually in Mexico) and has to take a giant steamer. Only to realize halfway in her trek to the toilet she still has her tampon wedged up in her clam chops that's has been in way, way, way too long. Once on the pot, the stomach is growling, there is a dirty dangling tampon string and a decision has to be made.....what comes first? She pinches one off then pulls one out.

The true test, is to find out if all of this can make it down on the first flush.

Or she wasn't bother flushing and leave it for her roommates if she's a true savage.
woke up in the morning cause I had to pee, walked into the bathroom and almost vomited. My roommate Julie pinch and pulled and didn't flush.
by Smokestacks March 31, 2017
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