To custom pimp something to the point where it's so amazingly pimp that you and your friends pass out in amazement.
Dude, he pimpinized his Escalade with so much chrome that I went blind staring at the car in the sun.
by Memory Suppliers October 14, 2008
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To have the right clothes, in the right place, with the right hoes.
Look at him, Chris is one pimpin' motherfucker!
by ChristineB. November 7, 2003
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1) To work it with a member of the opposite sex
2) A compliment used when someone is wearing platinum chains, Fubu™ clothes, etc.
3) An object of high appeal

also see pimpette
1) Ricky is pimpin wit dem hoes
2) Damn dawg, your pimpin it with that chain
3) That Jaguar is pimpin
by N00bie June 10, 2004
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1)When someone is working girls around a certain area
2) When somone is wearing nice clothes
3) When someone is getting all the girls
1) Ayo Ricky be pimpin dem hoes yo...
2) Ay playa dem timbs is pimpin!
3) Look at all deez guhz. im pimpin nigga!
by T.C July 27, 2005
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You know you are NOT pimpin if:
- You got 2 sweat patches up under yo arms and look like youve been swimmin in shoulder height water

- if you smell like you been at work all day

- if you see have ash around the knuckles, like you washed half of your hands and lotion three quarters of yo body

- if you're spinnin rims spin counter clockwise

- if you are dancin on the dancefloor and you look to your left and your right and there is not a woman in sight

- if your vodka and cranberry is really really dark,
like blood, that's because you didn't order vodka buddy
that's why it's $3 a glass

- you are a nigga with white socks

- if your shoes have a buckle on them
You are most likely not pimpin
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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1. To be fly as hell
2. Fucken a whole latta bitches and still gettin mad respect
3. Havin fine gurls all ova yo dick 24/7
Drey: " Say my nigga fool o'l boy DayDay is PIMPIN, u seent him wit Jasmine, Kiesha AND Martha yesterday?

Mark: Chea dawg dat shit was tight man, tight.
by YoGuRlWhItN3y November 16, 2007
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