State your car will be in if you have added the gold trim package, curb feelers, continential kit, white wall tires, rims that are off set and stick out at least 4" from the side of the car body, lowered 4", TV boomerange antenna, blackout tited windows, crushed velour seats, custom chain steering wheel, neon liscense plate surround, huge naked woman hood ornament, sound system that has no treble, custom metalic purple paint job, and fuzzy dice.
by SWZ September 26, 2003
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To be exploited publicly.
The school was so broke they pimped out the students and called it fund raising. The kid that sold the most candy won a cheap bicycle.
by David Tacitus May 4, 2008
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Having excessive embellishments or ornaments, particularly of the flashy kind, ie feathers in fedoras, black canes with silver handles, multicolored mis-matched shoes, and colorful crushed velvet suits. Preferably worn simultaneously.
By the amount of bling-bling he was flashing, we knew he was pimped out.
by Fa Sho October 6, 2003
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Used as an adjective: cool, awesome, worthy of a pimp or pimpette
"Dshaun's got a pimped out ride."
by Smurfette March 9, 2004
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he had his shit all pimped out.
by David Sisto February 4, 2003
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pimp out is a look..a smoothness its the way you refers to the early 60's and 70's when black men and women were smooth..such clothing include a fedora,tam,kangol,prokeds,converse,turtlenecks..CARS anything older than 82 is a pimp out....afros.naturals..locks and cornrows(not fashion cornrows..straight back,) are pimped out....
Yo she straight up pimped those Adidas out..
by tro September 18, 2003
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