Pillowsexuality is the sexual attraction from a human towards a pillow. Pillowsexuals are often virgins and are between the age of 16-43 but in rare cases can be aged from late 60's to early 80's. When a pillowsexual engages in sexual interactivity with a pillow, they tend to slit a hole in the outer material, leaving just enough space for the man, or woman in some cases, to replicate the female genetalia. If a person believes they are a pillowsexual, 9/10 times they will keep it a secret although in the odd time they don't, it is most likely they will tell a psychiatrist if help is needed or maybe just a few friends for a laugh.
Person 1:"Hey that guy's kinda cute".

Person 2:"Are you kidding? I heard he was a pillowsexual".

Person 1: *Spews all over the floor contemplating how they could possibly have been remotely interested in such a sick weirdo*.
by Batman is cool May 19, 2018
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