A first lap dance purchased on one’s 18th birthday.
We’re going down to the Spearmint Rhino friday to get Ryan his sweet 18.
by polerella September 4, 2019
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When a female finally turns the age of 18 and is now officially allowed to be fucked. The party usually consists of a gang bang. It is a tradition for the birthday girl to recieve double penetration.
Girl: "omg my sweet 18 was amazing! I was triple penetrated. At one point I had four different cocks in my body at once!!"
by Ilovehispanics May 6, 2016
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When a girl has never had a Sweet 16 or Sweet 17.
Are you going to Donna’s Sweet 18? Yeah, me neither. That’s gotta be the saddest shit I’ve ever seen.
by LibbyBardot September 7, 2019
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