A derogatory term used to describe a person of caucasian descent.
I hate that pigskinned honkey.
by TheStruggleGod December 31, 2015
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The oval shaped ball aka a football which is tossed around in the sport of American Football. Named this because the first footballs were made of pig leather.
Forest would not let go of the pigskin even after scoring a touchdown
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
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While performing a rimjob on a female human, the act of licking her anus and then transferring the fecal matter via the tongue into her vaginal cavity.

"I pigskinned your mom last night."
by michael kelley May 09, 2003
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An accurate term for a white person. White people actually do not have white skin, but pink, the same as pigs.
Black guy: "Look at all these pink bastards with their pigskin roasting in the sun"
Asian guy: "Yeah, just like when I have a lechon cook out"
by ThePigCatcher April 12, 2016
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Black guy: "Careful there's some pigskins over there."

Random guy: "Hey did you hear pigskin boy called me the n word?"
by thatbooboowhomakedapoopoo March 07, 2016
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Black person 1: Last night at the bar a white guy hurled racist abuse, then called me an ape and a monkey.
Black person 2: Wow - But white people's skin color is exactly the same as pigs. I hope you told him so.
Black person 1: Yeah, I called him a pigskin who can't even leave his house in low temperatures without putting on sunscreen.
Black Person 1: Man, that's funny.
by Afrodity January 19, 2019
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