a hot or sexy lady; often used when checkin' out bitches in public places.

short for "piece of ass."
(On a college campus) "Damn, look at that little piece."

"There's a lot of pieces up in this club"

"I'm tired of dumb pieces. It's time to nab an intelli-piece."
by LORO STANGELOWE April 12, 2010
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Pieces is short for masterpiece. it is the utlimate art form in graffiti. it uses painstakingly details and illustrations and usually takes hours or even days to create.
Rock a piece and your the shit.

Pieces badass fuck.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
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A gun, firearm. (Licensed or unlicensed) Usually hidden under clothing for protection or criminal intentions.
by Asian Diva 1 March 18, 2009
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1) A man's penis
2) (Scottish) A sandwich
1) Yo john, quit holding your piece
2) hey i'm rockin a jammy piece
by T-Fizzle December 05, 2004
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1. A slang term for marijuana periphernalia, esp. bongs and pipes.
2. Automobiles, usually those with modifications.
1. Man, don't be droppin' my pieces on the floor! They might break and shit.
2. That guy's got it made, with a garage full of pieces.
by Sinnerero March 04, 2005
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A Graffiti Mural.

Short for Masterpiece...

In the hierachy of graffiti art it is ranked as the highest. To go-over someone's piece with a bomb is considered an insult and should be addressed as one.
Man...that freakin' toy went over my piece last night!!
by :ORIMS: aka-Relic July 05, 2005
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