a person that is acting pussy
man 1: lets go to that party
man 2: naw man im good
man 1: stop actin pie
by F###djt May 15, 2017
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A very wealthy, upper-class person. Can be a male or female. Males are mainly always dressed in button-downs followed by a cashmere sweater vest and prada shoes, Females can be seen wearing fur vests and Jimmy-Choos. They have no regard for people around them just primarily their blackberrys and IPhone 4S's. They mostly always have shit looks on their faces and will growl at you if you cut them in line at Starbucks for their daily Triple Grande Espresso, or cut them off in the parking lot at Bagels-4-U.
Person 1: Bro, do you see his shoes?
Person 2: PRADA!? Dude, pie.
by NathyLight November 13, 2011
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Reference to marijuana. Some people call marijuana by that word.
- ''Hey man, do you have pie?''

- ''yeah. how much you want?''

- ''Give me five pieces''
by ElDreamer13 April 15, 2010
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A female who you would have sex with if the opportunity presented itself. It refers to the sexual act of a cream pie or cuming inside of a girl. It can be used as a verb or a noun.
Almost every girl in that sorority is a pie. (Noun usage)

I'd pie that girl in the red dress. (verb usage)
by Slay Dog March 27, 2014
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Person1: I'm gonna have some pie
Person2: Can I have some too?
Person1: NO! It's too good to share
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anus when trying to recreate goatse.
Bill: My pie is absolutely huge!
Bob: I've already seen the images online, I don't think I need to see another one..
by GoooberDoober January 10, 2018
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