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Out of the whole Star Trek series; He is the most wise, intellegent, and fair of all the Captains. He always listens to his senior officers' oppinions, and considers their information in his decisions. He is my ideal of an accomplished, and respectable man. His character is one of my role-models I live by.
No. 1 and Picard make a great team. The Enterprise has never had a better captain.
by ThE Sa-X July 22, 2006
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Someone who used to be a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, but no longer is.
Tim: Zack, is that your exgirlfriend?
Zack: No, she's an expotential. We never actually dated...
by brownsuite September 24, 2011
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The recipient must have a bald dome shaped head (not essential but preferable). Must happen in a public place. The recipient kneels down in front of the crotch of the donor whilst he places his scrotum on to the head... as the balls take equilibrium and drop to make a hat the donor says ‘Make it So’ (optionally the recipient can reply ‘warp speed Mr Sulu’)
My bald mate wouldn’t shut up so I gave him a picard
by ScroMcB’Balls June 04, 2021
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Picard \verb\ pɪkɑ́rd

Full definition:

1. to demonstrate, via logic and rational thought, the moral and ethical invalidity of a bigoted, ignorant, divisive, insulting, derogatory, persecutory, discriminatory, exclusionary, racist, sexist, heterosexist, religio-phobic, homophobic or any other position, expression, delineation, demarcation, publication, verbalisation, assertion and proliferation of statements whose purpose is to vilify or perpetuate oppression and unequal treatment of others' exercise of individual civil and political liberties, economic, social, and cultural rights.
Transitive verb:
I am going to Picard those bigoted, homophobic, bible-thumping, Christian fundamentalists from the Westboro Baptist Church, for protesting in front of and celebrating the deaths of uniformed soldiers who died in service to protect their right to be bigoted, homophobic, bible-thumping, Christian fundamentalists.

Intransitive verb:
I just Picarded a conservative MP for vilifying the LGBTQIA community and voting down the same-sex marriage bill, after being caught on camera paying 10 grand for a giant weekend long orgy.
by KalEl February 20, 2014
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To repeatedly smash someone or something with your head when enraged; traditionally a bald head is used in reference to Star Trek
Hey don't take that from him, pull a Picard on him.
by Alex Sheridan September 07, 2007
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A company that makes the amazing Piranha (76 model), the best thing that has burnt rubber (and toasted a lot more) on 4 wheels.
Swinger: Hey, no fair ! That Eloise can handle more than I can.
Taurus: Easy Swinger ! Jade knew what she was doing. That '76 Picard Pirhana can easily wipe out those creeper maggots.
by Monkeywrench November 09, 2007
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One who may claim they are from the boonies and fucks there cousin often seen bumming cigs off of there mother while calling there sister a cunt in public. Thell most likely have a 12 year old in there passengerseat on there way to defend themselves in court
Ex:1 Dude you had like 3 beers and now your acting like a Picard

Ex:2 bro it's not insest if there youse second cousin
by Alleghenyasshole June 18, 2019
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