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A hilly billy, redneck type person. Like a character from Dukes of Hazzard. Often missing teeth, or has chipped teeth, and has very poor personal hygiene. Cletus from the Simpsons could be described as a 'Phuyall'. Phuyalls are typically conservative homophobe racists, concerned only with the well-being of their farm, their crops and their racial integrity. Phuyalls refer to black people as 'coloured folk' and asian people as 'japs'. Despite having unsavoury credentials, and not being able to read or write. most 'Phuyalls' are kind and loving, yet stupid. Rides a horse to work. hillbilly redneck gay basher retard racist cletus
'look at that guy barbecuing roadkill!'
'OMG he only has like 2 teeth!'
'he is such a Phuyall!'
by detelas December 28, 2009
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