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A hilly billy, redneck type person. Like a character from Dukes of Hazzard. Often missing teeth, or has chipped teeth, and has very poor personal hygiene. Cletus from the Simpsons could be described as a 'Phuyall'. Phuyalls are typically conservative homophobe racists, concerned only with the well-being of their farm, their crops and their racial integrity. Phuyalls refer to black people as 'coloured folk' and asian people as 'japs'. Despite having unsavoury credentials, and not being able to read or write. most 'Phuyalls' are kind and loving, yet stupid. Rides a horse to work. hillbilly redneck gay basher retard racist cletus
'look at that guy barbecuing roadkill!'
'OMG he only has like 2 teeth!'
'he is such a Phuyall!'
by detelas December 28, 2009

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ones pussy peak is an event or series of events in which you received your highest amount of/best poon, in a year or in a quarter. A pussy peak can be at a party or during a relationship. realising your pussy peak can be a happy and sad event; happy that you got some pussy, but sad that you will not get more/peak again, for a while.
E.G 1
"bills party was good"
"yeah i know! saw you getting in there mate" *;)*

"it was probably my pussy peak of 2010"

EG 2

"im expecting my pussy to peak tonight"

EG 3
"the last week of the summer holidays was my pussy peak"
by detelas March 08, 2010

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(noun) A person that listens to Dubstep and is a cunt about it. They reject all other genres, and resent people introducing them to the latest "tune", and will claim that its either "old" or that they have already heard it.
Most of the time they only listen to Dubstep in order to follow the trend but at the same time be different and edgy.

Will listen to the first track that pops up on a youtube search of "dubstep", and will proceed to post a link labelled "massive choooon" of said track.

It is inevitable that when a Dubcunt listens to songs on youtube, that they will leave a "this is dirtier than (something sordid)!!!!!!" type comment, in order to obtain likes from fellow Dubcunts.

Dubcunts may listen to some decent people, but are generally limited to commercial Dubstep like Magnetic Man, Skrillex, and some Chase & Status.
Things a Dubcunt would say:

This is dirtier than a horse shagging a yorkshire terrier in a public swimming pool full of dead toddlers

The dubstep remix is better.

Yeah I heard that ages ago, this is better (provides link to shit song)

I heard a new song last night, you probably wouldn't like it it's pretty heavy.

I was up all night just skanking to dubstep lol.
by detelas April 25, 2011

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