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(True Definition): Someone who is extremely idiotic, stupid, and moronic in their actions and words. The combination of two seperate words: 1. "Fucking" and 2. "Retard". Shortened to "Phucktard." The "ph" is used as the "f" sound so it is allowed on web sites who's administrators are touchy about profanity.
He is such a phucktard he's trying to pick that chick up with his fly wide open.
by Varick February 26, 2006
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Someone so extremely indescribable that there are no other words; someone who is phucktarded.
Andrew is a phucktard.
by M Mitchell February 03, 2004
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same definition as fucktard, alt spelling
see fucktard
Ohmigosh! Thta lil biatch's supergaymo BFF is such a phucktard!!!
by tsu January 10, 2005
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A person online who uses gay words like such as: skewl, kewl, bcuz, b/c, u, wot, wot wot?, wut, wazzzzzz^?, nm, np, d00d, no(instead of know), teh, usez a z instead of an s at end of wordz, rocks/rox/rox0rs muh/mah socks/sox/sox0rs, bout, dis, dat, tat, foo, f00, fo' shizzle/nizzle/hizzle, 0v3r u535 1337 w0rd5, how now brown cow, cow, moose, toast, buttered toast, homeskillet, O_o,(o(o_) or they think they are so smart but really they're just a complete asshole because they're fat and lazy.
Matt:d00d \/477 pwns j00z
Zach:you phucktard
Matt:wut dis shit bout homieskillet??//?
Zach:ya you heard me dumbass...
by Benignvirus September 05, 2004
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