(True Definition): Someone who is extremely idiotic, stupid, and moronic in their actions and words. The combination of two seperate words: 1. "Fucking" and 2. "Retard". Shortened to "Phucktard." The "ph" is used as the "f" sound so it is allowed on web sites who's administrators are touchy about profanity.
He is such a phucktard he's trying to pick that chick up with his fly wide open.
by Varick February 26, 2006
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Someone so extremely indescribable that there are no other words; someone who is phucktarded.
Andrew is a phucktard.
by M Mitchell February 4, 2004
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same definition as fucktard, alt spelling
see fucktard
Ohmigosh! Thta lil biatch's supergaymo BFF is such a phucktard!!!
by tsu January 10, 2005
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A person online who uses gay words like such as: skewl, kewl, bcuz, b/c, u, wot, wot wot?, wut, wazzzzzz^?, nm, np, d00d, no(instead of know), teh, usez a z instead of an s at end of wordz, rocks/rox/rox0rs muh/mah socks/sox/sox0rs, bout, dis, dat, tat, foo, f00, fo' shizzle/nizzle/hizzle, 0v3r u535 1337 w0rd5, how now brown cow, cow, moose, toast, buttered toast, homeskillet, O_o,(o(o_) or they think they are so smart but really they're just a complete asshole because they're fat and lazy.
Matt:d00d \/477 pwns j00z
Zach:you phucktard
Matt:wut dis shit bout homieskillet??//?
Zach:ya you heard me dumbass...
by Benignvirus September 5, 2004
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A combination of the word "fuck" and "retarded" except spelled a little differently. A phucktard is someone who is so fucking retarded it is almost not humanely possible.
My Psychology is so phucktarded she accidentally xeroxed the key to the test rather than the blank test, and handed it out.
by Fara April 9, 2004
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Something so extremely undescribable that there are no other words.
Ny best friend is seriously phucktarded.

People that think men with long hair are hot are seriously phucktarded.

That man who lives in a box on Grand Street that eats his own scabs and rapes squirrels and your mom; is extremely phucktarded.

All of the above examples are extremely phucktarded
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
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