Alternate spelling of the word "Jews".
It is a well known fact that the j00z cause lots of problems.
by Mavericko September 27, 2006
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It derives from the word "you". This is the way gamers talk to each other on line.
U r such a n00b. I ownz j00z. I rule W00T
by I love kali January 5, 2005
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No, anon, you assclown, that's not what it means.

It's actually the word "you" in 1337.
PC G4m3r 0wnz j00z.
by Bladdy bladdy blah September 14, 2003
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A guy's nickname... he plays warcraft 3 and diablo 2
i got t3h pwn3d by j00z b0><!!!!1!!!
by gringe666 May 10, 2004
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