A photo op (sometimes written as photo opp), short for photograph opportunity (photo opportunity), originally referred to an opportunity that resulted in a memorable and effective photograph of a politician, a celebrity, or a notable event.
Dang, I was at this huge event but I missed the best photo op.
by ryan n. s June 27, 2008
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V. To be used (for example, by politicians) to create a photographic moment for propaganda purposes.

John: Man, the Mayor sure does like the little old ladies at the nursing home. Look at the smile on his face.

Jack: Are you kidding? He's just photo-opping them.

Editors, please note. A Google search will bring up this term in common usage.
by JohnnyHoffa August 12, 2008
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Photo-op feminism is a brand (off-brand?) of the real thing where a poser will do or say anything (especially in front of a television camera) to get herself (okay, sometimes even men do it too) seen or heard as a hero to women everywhere. The more unreal the claim, the more outrageous the behavior.
When Sarah Palin winks at the camera she's teaching us all we need to know about photo-op feminism.
by paulpaxman October 31, 2009
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Look Jen, it's time for another photo op.

Piss off Scott. I hate bunnings
by Scomosties January 1, 2021
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The act of forgetting that almost everyone that owns a phone also is carrying a camera or video camera. The act of doing something stupid or regrettable that is caught on camera.
Hey when you went to that party, I saw a Phelps Photo Op shot online.
by Habbie February 20, 2009
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The tendency of girls to take pictures with everyone at a party (regardless of whether or not they like the people in the photos), so that if something awkward or embarrassing happens with someone during the course of that party, there is usually a photo of them before that incident happened.
"Look at that picture of Michael, Ella, and Isabel"
"Weren't Ella and Isabel in a catfight that night?"
"Yeah but this was at the beginning of the night, it's clearly a retroactively-awkward photo op."
by ShawnCP November 4, 2009
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Baby daddy’s who only come around during holidays and other events where people take lots of pictures just so they can post on social media about how much they “love” their kids and then go back to being MIA until the next holiday. Typically they are trying to make themselves look like they are actually more involved in their child’s life than they actually are.
Ex: “It’s Christmas time again. Time for all those non child support paying photo op father’s to come out of hiding and take a few pictures to post to Facebook.”
by Bg0991 April 8, 2019
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