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The robotic voice that answers the phone and delivers a very obtuse voice menu in which none of the options deal with the problem you are calling in regards to.
Sally calls the big corporation bank to ask about an issue with her account and a mechanical voice {the phone-bot}answers the phone saying "please listen carefully as our menu options have changed"
by Jypcie February 06, 2009
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Phone bots are total assholes who tell you to press every button on your phone over one hundred times and play annoying ass music in your ear for hours and hours and hours "trying" to "connect you to a live speaker". Instead of connecting you to someone, they drop your ass and hang up after you sat in your chair going through the pain saking hours you just had to deal with, with the phone bot.
This phone bot has played this stupid song twenty times already, when the fuck are they going to pick up the fucking phone????
by BestBuyGuy October 25, 2014
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