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Despite the fact that people commonly compare it to sex or the town, the pheonix is actually a fire bird from Greek mythology, know to revive if killed but also the goddess of rebirth
Person 1: A pheonix is a beautiful girl who i would like to do naughty things to.
Me: It is actually a legendary beast from Greek mythology
by Cobja May 27, 2018
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A meme where what we can assume the manager is asking everybody what they should do about a topic, the first 2 people say things that are normally hated by the community and the last person says something the community would like but he gets thrown out the window by the boss instead
Boss: Alright team if we want the wii u to be a succesful entertainment platform, we need to include key features
Man Worker: Tv compadibilty
Women Worker: Netflix
Final Worker: Dvd Playback
*Final Worker thrown out the boardroom suggestion*
by Cobja March 11, 2018
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