Gosu leader of Clan zA
OMG!!!! It's zA.Phate!!!
by -_- August 9, 2003
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The cause, force, principle, or divine will that predetermines that the Phillies will win back-to-back World Series Championships.
I bet you a Black Taco that the Phil's will win the series in five games. It's Phate.
by coochtrain October 28, 2009
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Phatee is the name of the gods that’s why you weren’t name it. A boy with this name is loved by all, but his infectious love is reserved for only those that are worthy. When you see Phatee walking the streets of Paris, Rome, or Bangkok you stop and stare—not him. His style rivals that of Kim Kardashian, his dance moves are imitated by all of K Pop, and his cooking leaves Gordon Ramsay speechless. Phatee is a lover, not a fighter. He makes his bed every morning, brushes his teeth twice a day, and drinks plenty of water. Truly a remarkable man. Only the luckiest people in the world get his attention.
Troy: did you see Phatee last night?
Colin: yeah, he’s so fly. I’d fuck him.
by Smalls96 November 22, 2021
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Running on Ashley Phosphate Buying Stuff from Stores 24/7 in this Streets
Let me do sum Phate Jugging on some store Real Quick!
by JVDAGOD January 2, 2020
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Running on Ashley Phosphate and Buying Sh!t from Stores
Let me go to Target & stay Phate Jugging on sum of these stores
by JVDAGOD January 2, 2020
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