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1.) one or many teeth that are slightly crooked, sometimes straying far off the trail of the other teeth. Often comes from no braces or not wearing a retainer. Very irritating to look at. Upon giving head, the tooth will scrape and injure one's genitalia.
"Patrick's girlfriend has a phaggeltooth. I bet that shit hurts. He should only do her from behind." or "Man, that chick was hot, until I saw her phaggeltooth. I couldn't stop staring at it."
by Pete April 21, 2003
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the tooth that scratches your unit when someone is giving you head. usually large and pronounced, may be accompanied by other phaggelteeth
The lady on the corner has one big front tooth, if you allow her to give you head, for the usual 5 dollars, you can be sure that it will not be as pleasureful as you had thought. May be accompanied by sores and bumps. It feels like someone is biting, and dragging as hard and fast as they can.
by I don't bite March 19, 2003
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