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spent, as when you've cum too many times, you have nothing left in you.
Damn, I'm petered out and am going to sleep now.
by Andy Stratton February 01, 2008
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Declined slowly to almost nothing. American slang.
To me the first note of warning came from an American gentleman, who told me that the same thing had been a great "boom" in the States, but that it had "petered out" and was not now believed except in very unsophisticated country places.
The "Georgia Magnet": A Statce to Mr. H. W. Schneider at Barrow. The Manchester Guardian. November 23, 1891. Page 8. Viewed in ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
by solanum100 July 18, 2013
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adj. Describes the process by which one's inside joke - often relating to an obscure movie quote, song lyric, or something of that nature - is subsequently beaten to death on an episode of "Family Guy," thus rendering any further use of the reference banal and annoying.

From the root "peter," refering to the show's main character.
Joe: "Somebody went under a dock, and there they saw- "
Kevin: Dude, shut up. That's such an old "Family Guy."
Joe (to self): Damn, petered out again...
by Yahweh-in-a-Can April 11, 2009
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