known on the east coast as to beat somebodies ass.
"im bout to peter roll his ass"
by Serious king of NY June 16, 2008
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In the south, a loss in a game of dominoes by not scoring any points in two rounds of play.
I'm about to peter roll you if you don't get any money this round
by PoohBurr November 11, 2009
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the ghetto act of sneak attack.....the epitome of ghetto warfare
This is how we gonna do....let's wait till ..10'o clock....catch when he hits the block and peter-roll on his punk ass.
by church hill bruh December 30, 2004
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to be beaten to the point where you have to rolled away to your house
Man, yesterday Sam met these two fools and started talking crazy. Damn, those two dudes peter-rolled that ass!
by Robert D. October 16, 2003
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Verb; When your stopped by the police and you get searched
Did you hear what happened to o'boy last week. He got peter rolled and got caught holdin some shit.
by ProChief October 2, 2009
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