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The mustache worn by most child molesters.

While not all child molesters have such a mustache, it is the preferred facial hair for any pedophile that is serious about his work.
The pervstache is typically a standard mustache extending from one side of the mouth to the other and is generally accompanied by a pair of glasses. However, some pedophiles are aware of this stereotype and have strayed from the typical pervstache.
To avoid suspicion, some child molesters will stray from the typicall stache and opt for a handle bar mustache or a fu manchu and will possibly even go so far as to grow a goatee. Under no circumstances will the pederast willingly go without any facial hair.
Did you see that guys pervstache.
It looked like he was wearing on of those "Groucho" fake glasses, nose, and mustache things.
by scoomdot June 08, 2006
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noun: a word that describes the mustache of a pedophile/future pedophile (or that of Michael Cleveland). For the full grown pedophile, the mustache is normal facial hair usually in the style of a fumanchu or something of the sorts. Now for the future pedophile, it is STRICTLY baby hair in the stache & goatee style.
WHOA! Look at the pervstache on that one!
by everyday09 March 22, 2007
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is any mustache of intentionally bad taste, that is meant to be funny or ironic

(mostly worn today by hipsters or indie rocker, but cult film director John Waters and “Pink Flamingos” star David Lochary were both early pioneers of the style)
“that’s awesome! you look like a 70’s porn star sportin’ that pervstache”
by tl77 November 23, 2010
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pervstache a thin wispy moustache commonly worn by perverts,rapists,stoners and brain dead teenagers. This style is a message to the outside world to run because if you don't you will wind up in some perverts basement,
Where did kelly go? I last saw her with some gu with a pervstache so most likely dead. Pervstache the universal sign of perverts everywhere
by Boxedisopod May 04, 2018
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