An old-but-still-humorous term in a classic "gender-neutral" joke.
In the modern world of female 18-wheeler drivers and "flagger ahead" construction-signs, we can't use "the 'M' word" with regards to our daily paper-media delivery... rather than saying, "We should go look in the mailbox to see if the mailman left us any mail", we need to say instead, "We should to go look in the person-box to see if the person-person left us any person".
by QuacksO March 4, 2019
Minor Attracted persons or, MAPs is an umbrella term that includes all minor attracted persons instead of just pedophiles, the full list is, infantophile (someone who is attracted to infants under 5yo), pedophile (someone who is attracted to prepubescent children), hebephile (someone who is attracted to pubescent children), ephebophile (someone who is attracted to post-pubescent children). After that they can be broken down into 2 categories, the first and much better is NOMAP or anti-c's who are against sexual or romantic interaction with children, then the pro-c's these are the rapists.
"I think that David is a MAP" MAP is an acronym for Minor Attracted Person/Persons
by Maybe Communism nah Capitalism January 19, 2018
A ship about Person 1 and Person 2.
Person 1 x Person 2: Questioning Love. (Ft. Person 3-10)
Person 1: I love ya!
Person 2: ... we are literally faceless, formless, and nameless entities.
Person 1: ....
Person 2: ... fine... I love you two.
Person 1: thanks!
Person 3: .... What the fuck?!?!
Person 4: my question is what are our genders?
Person 6: *covered in blood* I killed person 5.
Person 7: I think we are constantly changing gender depending on the prompt we are given.
Person 8: are we gonna Ignore what Person 6 said?
Person 1-7(except for Person 5): SHUT UP PERSON 8!
Person 5's ghost: BOOOOO! YOU SUCK PERSON 8!
Person 10: How the fuck did a ship go to... what ever the fuck this has become?
Person 8: I have no idea.
Person : #%$@$@$%@%@%/×%+.
Person 10: thanks for your input Person .
by Person 1 And Person 2 fan January 14, 2022