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An Iranian.

Lifestyle: Depends on the person. A Persian can be poor, wealthy or of the middle class. There is no one single status that describes a Persian's lifestyle.

Religion: The official religion of Iran is Islam but there are also many other religions practiced by Persians, especially those living outside of Iran. These other religions include Bahai and Zoroastrian.

Are famous for: Their handcrafted rugs, poetry and cats. However, many people are naive to the fact that Persia used to be a great empire that ruled the vast land spanning across the middle east towards Africa and India. This land that the Persian King Dariush ruled over was called the "Aryan" land. Hitler messed up this term and referred to himself as Aryan and referred to Aryan as a race. This is very offensive to Persian culture. Aryan has nothing to do with Germans or Germany. Aryan is not even a race. It was used to refer to the land that the Persians lived on and. Aryan means "noble" in the ancient Persian language.

Physical features: Persian women are said to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are famous for their exotic looking eyes. In general, Persians have black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. However, this is just a generalization and it varies. There are some who have hazel eyes or brown hair, and some who have dark brown skin.
The Persian civilization was one of the first known civilizations of the early ages. If you ever get a chance to go to Iran, visit the ruins of Persepolis. It's beautiful.
by 01Sabah March 08, 2006
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Persians aren't just from Iran. There are people with Persian ancestory in a lot of countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kenya, Iraq, India, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Azerbaijan and many many more. This is due to the fact that the Persian Empire was so huge, it literally crossed over almost the entire Middle East today, including parts of Africa and India. The descendants of Persians still live in all of these places.
Persians live throughout Asia and Africa.
by 01Sabah March 14, 2006
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2 mistakes that need to be pointed out:

1. Islam did not send the country into ruins. If anything, it re-vitalized the country. The state of Iran nowadays is horrible, but it is not religion's fault. It is the fault of those who are in power who use religion to control the people.

2. Persians, as well as Afghanis and Indians are the original Aryans. Germans are NOT Aryans. Europeans are NOT Aryans. Aryans were NOT white. It is VERY offensive to Persian culture when white nationalists call themselves Aryans. The reason for white people calling themselves Aryan stems to the 19th century when a bunch of dumbass German philosophers tried to link themselves to Aryans because they found a comple of words in German that resembled a couple of words in Persian. German later took this and tried to call himself Aryan so that he could seem like a superior race. This is because Aryan in both Persian and ancient Indian language (sanskrit) means "noble". Hitler also stole the swastika from the Hindus and turned it into an evil symbol, when in reality it is a symbol of peace and harmony.
Persia was the land of the Aryans. GERMANS ARE NOT ARYAN. EUROPEANS ARE NOT ARYAN. Nowadays the closest people of Aryan decent are Persians, Afghanis and Indians.
by 01Sabah March 16, 2006
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