when a womans nipples are erected due to the cold or sexual desire
dang that chick has some perky nips
by garglacacus October 6, 2008
A refreshing carbonated beverage. Best of its kind
"Ay you got any dr. perky in the fridge"

"Nah we all out, there mountain lion tho"
by bigballs100 January 21, 2021
dj drop this one on the low key and in the clubs they all know its PERKY D
by Wagaga September 27, 2009
a female with a magnificant set of breast, a perfect d cup without sag or blemish. Perfect semitry of a breast arangment.
Rico always dates those girls with perky d's.
by Rico Sauve May 13, 2008
When two friends are both sad and have sex to "perk" themselves up
I've had a really shit day and so have you how about we "perk" ourselves up and have a perky pounding
by serchild January 11, 2016
1. someone who is lovable, adorable and bursting with energy and positivity

2. someone very cute and huggable
A good friend is someone who displays perky-lurky qualities
by Cavalier72 March 4, 2009