1. when a male subjects his penis into a women, or mans colon, and appylies so much force that he penetrates the stomach. The penis must be of great size. This often can result in critical injury or most likely death.

2. The ultimate ownage.
Dude, frankie got perforation of the colon when he had the horse fuck him anally.
Dude then franky got owned!
by Josh Rivera June 09, 2006
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A term describing that a girl’s hymen has been busted. Often referring to the loss of virginity.
She’s only 18 but I’m pretty sure she’s perforated already.
by Analsworth March 06, 2021
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Penis Perforation is considered the polite and proper way to call someone a "dickhole". It also describes a tear in the penis muscle.
"Piss off, penis perforation!"
"That chick doesn't know how to ride dick. She gave me a penis perforation and broke my shit."
by mistergq79 January 16, 2013
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Going absolutely banana-bat-shit crazy when taking paper towels and they won't tear along the perforations properly... having recently consumed spiced rum does not aid in the tearing.
"Woah, see that chick losing her shit, she totally just threw a massive Paper Towel Perforation Tantrum... she must be drinking spiced rum..."
by J-LO 86 June 19, 2014
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