3 definitions by Josh Rivera

The act of putting salt on a males baby maker, to shrink it to better suit somes needs. Makes small size, can fit in lil holes.
Erin was being a lil bitch and started to complain, so I better suited her needs and gave her a salty pablo in the ear hole. PERFORATION in the EAR DRUM
by Josh Rivera August 16, 2006
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1. when a male subjects his penis into a women, or mans colon, and appylies so much force that he penetrates the stomach. The penis must be of great size. This often can result in critical injury or most likely death.

2. The ultimate ownage.
Dude, frankie got perforation of the colon when he had the horse fuck him anally.
Dude then franky got owned!
by Josh Rivera June 10, 2006
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