Peral is a smart gal who has been prepare for any events that will be performed peral can make alots of friends she is also very athletic.
Did you see peral out there p.s this is from foday mansaray srry.
by King Kazma March 6, 2019
Carrying out a threat, for any action not done correctly or misbehaving.
If you drop my laptop, i will go perales on you!
by Hasstentein February 20, 2012
Hey that person looks really nice!

It’s probably a perales
by Awkward cousin contact June 18, 2021
To be having sexual intercourse with a woman doggie style and before ejaculating, spitting on her back to simulate the jizz. Then when she turns around the male blows his load in her face. A Suprise attack
"Dude I gave that bitch a Peral Harbor...she didn't even see it coming"
by Bickett April 11, 2008
Reyna Perales is usaully a mexican and not blonde, but is naturally pretty in her own way. She has a funny personality and makes everybody laugh. Although she does talk bad about people behind there back. But overall Reyna Perales is a great friend to whoever needs it.
Reyna Perales is nice.
by blondeParis13 October 13, 2011
Dried Jizz on a girls face
i listen to peral jam because it reminds me college

I totally put peral jam on the girls face last night
by Horrus J. Walker December 12, 2010
To be having sexual intercourse with a partner doggie style. Then very close to the moment of ejaculation you spit on the back of your partner to simulate the jizz. When said partner turns around you infact blow your load in their face. A suprise attack.
"Dude I gave that girl a peral harbor..she didn't see that shit coming"
by D-Bic April 24, 2008