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Decay in between your teeth that resembles an accidentally lodged peppercorn left over from a meal. Typically black and dirty looking teeth.
Waiter: "excuse me madam, but you seem to have a peppercorn stuck in your front molar"

Lady: "that's not a peppercorn, that is my tooth. Leave me alone you fag!"
by Cheung August 23, 2006
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Something worthless, not a "good enough thing" in Contracts law
Your contract sucks because it lacks consideration, It's all words, just verbal masturbation.
you a peppercorn, playa.
by JaxJD2B October 07, 2004
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A variation of an 'indian rug burn', that instead of using the forearm its done on the penis.
I told her she was bad in bed and she gave me a peppercorn.
by nunu163 January 12, 2011
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