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the process of looking hot and cool.
you look pepi.
pepi is my middle name
look'in pepi
by Cesar January 05, 2005
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Slang term for penis. Typically used by drunk white girls who forget how to pronounce words.
by PrincessEPMom October 04, 2018
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Beautiful, Pepi is beautiful like a long walk at beach then setting down with ur girl and cuddling to watch a sun-set that beautiful, i mean Pepi is soo perfect it's not even funny
awww look how perfect he is he must be pepi
by Jake January 05, 2005
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Pepi is an amazing girl full of lots energy. Always makes you laugh. She is extremely talented. She's amazing at every sport she does. She plays guitar amazingly and her voices is beautiful. Get drawing is and a high standard. With all these skills she has a great future ahead
Person 1: hey who's that girl smashing thoes boys in football
Person 2: it must be pepi
by Car654321 November 05, 2017
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what you call someone when you wanna call them a dick but youre a good christian child
Person 1: whats up fucker
Person 2: shut up u pepis!!!!
by rad radish May 03, 2017
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A person who tells shaggy dog stories, which have no point and no reason for telling them. A Pepi usually is incoherent and confused most of the time, they are easily persuaded and convinced to believe mostly anything.
A Pepi is usually ugly and characterized by a small penis.
guy 1:That guys an idiot.
guy 2: ya he sure is a pepi.
by Chavez January 05, 2005
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