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Intel's new CPU scheduled to come out Q4 2007. It will be fabricated using a 45nm process, instead of 65nm like most CPUs today. Supposed to be much faster than the current "Conroes" out now. Code names are Wolfdale, which is the dual core version, and Yorkdale, which is the Quad core version.
by Anjuanymous August 15, 2007
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A town outside falmouth with a bad history of drug use and crime. Penryn has a secondary school which has made a massive turnaround since the appointment of a new headteacher several years ago. Parents are now fighting for their children to attend the school.
Penryn College was categorised by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector as a "Gold Star School"
by Bob900 April 29, 2007
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A horrible little drug-riddled suburb of Falmouth with a school that manufactures chavs and drug addicts.
Why exactly do you live in Penryn?
by Viola Tragic August 05, 2006
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