The intricate drawings, reminders, and cheats ballpoint- inked onto one's hand. Often found on the hands of stressed people, bored people, or a combination of the two: students.
Katie was bored in class, you could tell from the fact that her entire hand- front and back- had been pennaed.
by katieinventedthis March 03, 2010
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Temporary tattoos with a biro or Sharpies.
1: Hey, what's that on your hand?
2: Penna
1: What?
2: Penna. Like henna, but with a pen.
1: Cool!
1: Dude, I didn't know you had a tattoo?!
2: I don't.
1: Then what's that?
2: Penna!
by PhilBob December 28, 2013
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