A funny way of saying penis when you're mad.

Can be quoted from a game that most youtube poopers love: Super Robotnik Land. Robotnik yells this as he smacks enemies away with his penis. (Look up "robotnik and his gameboy" on youtube, you'll surely find it.)

A sound clip taken from the quote "snooPING AS usual, i see."
(Robotnik walks up to enemy)


(Robotnik proceeds to cockslap the enemy's face, throwing them off screen.)
by heretical-cubes February 23, 2009
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when you are one pump of blood away from reaching a full hard on
john "aww dude, i'm totally feeling penish right now"
by gman15 February 29, 2008
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Happens after anal sex, when you're meat has some shit on it or as black people say "ish". When you add Penis and Ish together you get Penish!
Man, after i waxed dat azz and looked down at my penis but instead it was a Penish!

Man, I love when my gurl cleans off my Penish with her mouth!
by whadduphoe? March 25, 2011
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