The very top of a man's penis. Were the white stuff comes ("cums") out.
When the he ejaculated, sperm came out of his penis tip.
by C.W.H. Mnstr November 2, 2013
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The very tip of the penis. Usually very slender at the tip. Almost comes to a point. You may be inclined to write with it.
Ernie, please stop poking me with your penie tip. It is making me bleed.
by Intelligent Frog April 10, 2010
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the tip of the penis, your jock. When a girl is really feelin you she on ur tip.
"I know that girl over there mam. she is on my Tip penis"
by no1stunner May 18, 2006
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The end or prick of the penis. Very sensitive to touch.
Biggie: Oh snap, you got me right on the tip, ahhhh. Nice going jerk-off
Angry Italian: Oh I'lla jerka you off
Biggie: what? I can't hear you, my wangs on fiya
by Brennan Kennedy May 24, 2005
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