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A jewish name used throughout the judaic community. In hebrew it means precious stone or pearl.
Person: Penina? That sounds Spanish!
Person 2 : No it sounds Jewish.
Person : Maybe I should ask Sarah about it.
Person 2: Which Sara? 1, 2,3 , or 4?
by Mini Female John Oliver November 29, 2016
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Used to describe a penis tucked in between the legs, making it look as if a male has a vagina.
I was masturbating when my dad called me upstairs. I was still stiff so I tucked it in and had a penina
by Tizzzzy T May 05, 2007
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My Friends Uncle Met a Taiwanese Hooker Named Bruce

Bruce had shown him his penina
by Did jew see that? December 16, 2017
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A genderless alian Known as the CUNTASOURUS REX! this bitch is worse than a hooker drenched in hoe juic. Don't trust her she knows thia- quan- hoe . She's also has dick as a node and it get hard every time she lies, " kinda like Pinocchio"
Penina is a fine piece of ass
by Bob the hoe October 02, 2017
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