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really cute and adorable! but penelope's are really hard to get!
look, its penelope
by jake.loniun November 15, 2016
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Do you know someone named Penelope? If so, you are blessed. They are some of the funniest, craziest, most gorgeous people you will ever meet. A Penelope will stand by your side and isn’t afraid to take risks. Academic wise, they are smart and witty and LOVE to get an answer right. If you need help, ask Penelope right away! They will not hesitate in helping you step by step and will get you to understand a complicated problem with little effort. A Penelope is usually popular, and loves to make new friends. In fact, she has ease in doing so. She is very social and loves being talked too. But more than listening, a Penelope will NEVER stop talking! So make sure to set some speech boundaries and don’t let your Penelope get too carried away in your conversation; because she may never stop... just like this rambling definition ;). Anyways, as i was saying, If you know a Penelope, like me, you are lucky, and should never drop them. Trust me when i’m saying, a Penelope won’t let you down and are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet! Their few bad qualities are overpowered by their overall happy vibe, and they constantly want to make you smile! So if you know someone named Penelope, keep them as a friend. Better yet, a best friend!
Ex. : “Hey Penelope, what was your answer for problem 3?”
by phat ho September 25, 2019
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The best friend you could ever ask for. She’s one in a million kind sweet and very very funny. Always makes you laugh when your feeling down. Always beautiful without makeup even what she disagree with you. Will always win a fight because she Suborn but you love that about her. The best gamer girl there is no doubt about it. She will always listen even when she doesn’t want to. Might make fun of you for dum reason but you can’t disagree that they aren’t funny. But you love them
Penelope is the best
by Fhghjf May 22, 2019
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Penelope in Greek mythology is a sweet, attractive (almost enchanting) smart and witty girl. She demonstrates perseverance and is mostly known as Ulises' wife. Apart from being a well known historical feature, the name Penelope is just as beautiful and graceful. It is so easy to pronounce, and it's lovely. Penelope is a true gift, and any man who has her should treasure her forever. Penelope is a keeper.
Penelope is a keeper.

Penelope was Ulises' wife

Penelope is a lovely name
by Girly Deffinitions September 21, 2017
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The most amazing person ever. Pure beauty in it's finest essence. A Penelope is a funny, witty, super smart, awesome person. A Penelope's husband or boyfriend is the luckiest man alive.
My girlfriend is a real Penelope.
by TurtleFace357 April 05, 2016
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The best friend you could ever meet. A penelope is reserved at times but if your lucky enough to be one of the few that gets close to her don't brake her trust because it's something hard to gain, but worth it.
Person #1: penelope seems cool but she doesn't seem to have many friends

Person #2: ya ig but she doesn't need many... as one of her close friends Ik she's all I need, and makes me feel the same way
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