The Penal Code refers to a large series of unwritten rules the male gender must follow when using and placing into action his reproductive organ. This includes rules such as using a condom when fornicating with a stranger or a girl not on birth control and also the rule of not using your unit with your friends girlfriend or ex- girlfriend with out his consent.
" Man i slept with Joe's old lady last night"

"You idiot, you totally blew off the penal code."

"Hey steve, last night i got with this chick from out of town and i didnt use a love glove."

" Dude you have not stayed loyal to the penal code"
by flyhomie61 February 17, 2010
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In the event of a domestic dispute everything is documented and there is no protection against text harassment .so if an ex partner was to be texting you in an inappropriate manner or purely to piss you off instead of using the phrase go fuck yourself it's much safer to say they're violating Penal Code 6244 . Or just reply with 6244 since there is no legal code to stop these harassing texts
by Ball freckle May 2, 2016
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Article 146 of the Penal Code of Bulgaria is the newest Bulgaria copypasta. It states that a person who somehow embarasses or hurts another person's dignity whilst in their presence can be fined with up to 3000 BGN (1500 Euro). The Article became especially popular in Bulgaria recently, as people started using it as a threat against people making memes.
Me: Hey, check this meme out!
Dimitar Stoyanov: I will sue you in accordance with Article 146 of the Penal Code of Bulgaria if you do not delete this meme!
by Inatorinator November 23, 2018
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