Dimitar ima golqm patlak!!!!
by Mitko sexa January 12, 2021
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A god in everything he does. Associated with over superior intelligence, great talent and a charming personality. Fun to be around. A man with a futuristic view of the world.
"Did you hear about that scientist?"
"The one who won a Noble Prize?"
"Yes. He must be a Dimitar, don't you think?"
by An expert on Dimitars December 2, 2014
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A guy with an extremely big faboluous horse cock. He can smash anything with it, ask him to do it, and he will.
Yo did you see that guy?
No, I just saw his big horse cock
Damn, he is definetly a Dimitar
by dido1 November 23, 2021
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Dimitar is a very nice, kind and smart guy. He always gets A+'s in class. He will do anything to get A+.
Bozhidar: What's that for?
Dimitar: Project.
Bozhidar: The teacher didn't said we must do it.
Dimitar: I do it just to get A+.
by GSS_girl May 18, 2022
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