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Article 146 of the Penal Code of Bulgaria is the newest Bulgaria copypasta. It states that a person who somehow embarasses or hurts another person's dignity whilst in their presence can be fined with up to 3000 BGN (1500 Euro). The Article became especially popular in Bulgaria recently, as people started using it as a threat against people making memes.
Me: Hey, check this meme out!
Dimitar Stoyanov: I will sue you in accordance with Article 146 of the Penal Code of Bulgaria if you do not delete this meme!
by Inatorinator November 23, 2018
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Koe ne e taka? is a phrase that is used by Bulgarian political analysts all over the spectrum. It is the ultimate punchline to prove internal theory coherence after an attempted reduction ad absurdum by one's opponent.
- So you're saying that your theory ultinately makes sense?
- Koe ne e taka?
by Inatorinator July 16, 2018
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The Demon Marauder is the Dota 2 character Terrorblade. However, the term has become especially popular among the libertarian and conservative movement in Bulgaria. The Demon Marauder is often associated with the online troll Bogomil Stoev. It is said that the Demon Marauder is the ultimate figure that unites the Right.
All will fall into place, once the Demon Marauder leads us into battle with the Left.
by Inatorinator July 16, 2018
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