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The video booths in an adult bookstore. From peepshow.
You still going to the peeps? Don't you have the internet?
by Luke2Q November 12, 2011
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a fucking marshmallowy ass fucking piece of shit food


the absolute most fucking worst word ever who the actual fuck uses that fucking word it means people but you can just fucking say that don’t ever fucking say peeps bitch ever i fucking swear it’s the worst fucking word fucking ever
white guy: hey peeps wassup
black guys: bro wtf u just fucking say
white guy: peeps bro peeps
black guys: stfu fucking piece of shit
*black guys beat up white guy*
white guy: i just wanted friends 😭😖😣
by bitchIDKstfu February 24, 2019
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Friends, associates, people you hang around and do things with.
Who is dem people? Man dem is my peeps. We always be together.
by LionelB February 7, 2006
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My peeps went away...lets party at my house.
by rich July 24, 2003
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I nice way to refer 'people', less harsh and more cutesy wutesy (I'll never live this down). Also good if you are feeling lazy on msn. ie. all the time. Though may make you sound slightly dumb or retarded if you keep using ut in reality.
Whilst on MSN....
Me: Heyyaaa
other person:Hi
Me:Hows u?
other person:oks, u?
Me:verily gud, did you see how many 'peeps' turned up last nite at the party?....(etc etc)
by lol, ylime October 26, 2006
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the peeple you deal with or ( smiling) the peeps with whom you have a dealio... or not. you might not have a dealio with your "peeps."
what's the dealio with your peeps?
by bittersweet symphony September 27, 2003
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