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peepeepoopoo is very iconic with generation z. it is the prime response to everything and everyone. if someone says peepeepoopoo they can be mad, happy, sad, etc. but no matter what, PEEPEEPOOPOO
roal: hey wanna hang out tomorrow
kat: peepeepoopoo
by donttouchmeorelse November 05, 2019
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PeePee PooPoo n. Is a rare Species of pigs Back in The Dinosaur Age These Creatures Have hidden in Burden Away from Water they're biggest Fear They Were Extinct in 1852 when The Joregen Act Was out it Stated Sheep,Pigs, Chicken were moved in a certain Place They died suddenly a come survived. A Swedish man In 1997 found a Pig in his backyard it was so Lonely, He Decided to Make it a Friend And take care of it. As time in 2020 the species bacame common and Powerful They gained Knowledge 2027 PeePeeTwoPoo the leader Gained Power and Set a War Between Jöreland and As time
Teacher:OK open up to page 69 on your Mathé Book

Sben:Can I read Please


Sbem:The Extinction of Peepeepoopoo, The reign of the peepeepoopoo started in....
by Jake Reth Caly August 21, 2019
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The name of Pewdiepie’s pet pig in his Minecraft let’s play. Also refers to the multiple pigs similarly named the army of PeepeePoopoos.
Wow man, PeepeePoopoo is the best pig a 9 year old could ask for.
by ElectraDave July 27, 2019
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PewDiePie's beloved ride pig that is his new mean of travel after the tragic passing of Joergen 2 and Bernie the donkey.
PewDiePie: Come with me, PeePee PooPoos!
via giphy
by NaiitheGai July 29, 2019
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A true man's response whenst one does be mean to thou's yeezys.
'Yo man, yo yeezys finna ugly, G!'
'pee pee poo poo'
'*whispers to the manager at McDonalds* call 911'
by iBluHD October 16, 2019
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