A thin layer of hair, lacking the regality of a full blown mustache, atop the upper lip. Commonly found on individuals with Tony Danza-esque minivans and lots of candy.
Hey, check out the pedostache on that guy. Hey, where'd little Timmy go...
by J. Agnew June 12, 2006
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The moustache often seen on pedophiles. Appears as a dangerously thin, greasy moustache, often complimented by the aviator glasses and the pedosmile.

Pedophiles can be spotted through the useful guide provided by Maddox.

www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net /c.cgi?u=spot_the_pedo
"Francis, that pedostache isn't gonna help much...well, the fact that she's in middle school doesn't help much either."
by Tim Tim the Crazy Man August 03, 2006
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A pedophiles mustache. And the mustache for the guys in surgeon simulator. The best way to find those criminals who rape, and do stuff like that.
Pedo: Dude i just went to-
Guy: Don't even talk
Pedo: what do yo-
Guy:douche i know you're a pedofile with that pedostache of yours
Pedo: Shit
by corvokenway October 20, 2015
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