5 definitions by Uncle Pecter

This peculiar adverb adds a gentle, yet subtle stink to any conversation. It’s indirect reference to advanced Lexicon leaves most receipents baffled by its complexities, thus only to be used by two distant relatives to the Adams family tree.
Steven said that Jakes bench press form was burpPect. Jake immediately drops the barbell due to a tremor in his upper lip, causing him to laugh uncontrollably.
by Uncle Pecter January 29, 2019
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Where the unlucky receipient feels the full wrath of the oink. As the ignorance increases exponentially, the oink is in full force and the human begins to mutate into a pig with the trotters showing their true form. At this point, the pig is trotterless.
Jake was in receipt of the pigged up oinker from Steven. The inevitable pig transformation caused Stevens trotters to appear in full force.
by Uncle Pecter January 14, 2019
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When you find your body and soul at Lloyd Street in Stockport. You appear to be completely all the way down, into the dirty, but with absolutely no possibility of being able to come back up again.
Steven was down in the dirty, but Jake knew he would never come back up again.
by Uncle Pecter January 14, 2019
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This ignorant beast was formed when Uncle PecTOR decided to cross Satan’s Stinkybridge, as he had the opportunity to alleviate his Obsessive Canine disorder OCD. He did this to ensure that the kennels were pristine for when Steven Mcrgregor went to Preston to get ironed.
As uncle PecTOR reached his destination, he was as bald as a coot, and a donkey was stood right by the kennels with its trotters in a brown bin looking pignorant as Horez.
Jake texts Steven to receive what can only be described as a trotterless donkey.
by Uncle Pecter July 08, 2019
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This is the exact DNA match of Uncle Fester. However he has had his fair share of Hagfish and bobbit worms, ultimately causing him to form into a chrysalis and to hatch as uncle Pector. The hagburps are uncontrollable at this stage, especially at Christmas.
Steven was reinacting Uncle Pector on his Wednesday ritual.
by Uncle Pecter January 14, 2019
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